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Scrier claims to be a being older than the universe and the several universes that occurred before the current one. He claims to have been old when Galactus was young.[1]

Scrier is a being of immense power with nebulous goals. He frequently works through agents, many of whom are unaware he is pulling their strings. He is the inspiration for the several millennial old cabal of the Brotherhood of the Scriers.[1]

He was awakened from his eternal slumber in a temple in the Himalayas by the Silver Surfer. He temporarily returned Silver Surfer's repressed emotions to him and tasked him with stealing a child named Edward Cross from his drug addicted mother, but Silver Surfer eventually chose not to, despite this the Scrier secreted away the child and his mother for unknown reasons.[1]

Scrier and Agatha Harkness later helped Silver Surfer deal with his infection at the hands of The Other.[2]

Scrier would then do battle with Adam K'ad-Mon for control over the Nexus of All Realities. He claimed that the whole affair may have been a feint to insure that he merged with Ellen Sallis.[3]

Later, the Other and Scrier renewed their conflict and tricked Thor into sacrificing himself to the Other to ensure a half billion year peace accord between Scrier and the Other. Galactus disrupted this plan, but Scrier hinted this may have been his intent all along.[4]



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  • Nothing Scrier says should be taken at face value. He routinely obfuscates everything he says and does, often tricking beings into believing he wants the opposite of what he truly does or allowing them to believe his actions have different meanings than they seem.[1][3][4]

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