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Quote1 Emotion has power here. Pain and regret are currency. I've focused mine into the Scythe of Sorrows. A symbol by which I command the demons of Limbo. Quote2
Goblin Queen[src]


While hiding from S'ym in Limbo, Magik trained the Goblin Queen in the arcane arts and how to manifest her power into a weapon as Magik had with her Soulsword. When Magik finally transferred leadership of Limbo to her, the Goblin Queen created the Scythe of Sorrows by channeling her emotional pain and regret into a magical weapon.[3][1]

Using her Scythe of Sorrows, the Goblin Queen led the demons of Limbo in an invasion of New York City with Chasm.[1]

Scythe of Sorrows from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 18 001

Hallow's Eve presenting the Scythe of Sorrows to Chasm

When the Goblin Queen was convinced to withdraw her forces, Hallow's Eve stole her Scythe and gave it to Chasm.[4] However, with the help of Spider-Man and the X-Men, the Goblin Queen was able to regain her Scythe and her authority.[2]


Limbo Leadership: The Goblin Queen used the Scythe of Sorrows to command the demons of Limbo, but this power could be wielded by anyone who holds the Scythe.[4][2]

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