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Quote1.png  Doctor Strange is a pendejo! I've forgotten more about magic than he'll ever know. Quote2.png
Señor Mágico[src]



Although not much is known about his history, he is Luke Cage's Harlem associate for street level magic.

While searching for information concerning the mysterious Supersoul Stone, Luke Cage and Iron Fist visited Señor Mágico in his shop, Pawn Mágico. There, he provided them with background information on the trinket, revealing the Stone's malignant properties.[1]

Street Magic

While tending his store, Señor Mágico aws challenged and ultimately subdued by Alex Wilder in the young crimelord's quest to procure an array of street magic totems. When the Heroes for Hire arrived at the scene, Señor Mágico updated them of the situation, then provided them with an elixir that would protect them against the forces of street magic.[2]



  • Magic


  • Encyclopedia Knowledge Señor Mágico has a wealth of knowledge upon many of the inner workings within both street magic and the more widely practiced form of magic.

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