The Seal People were a race of sea dwelling humanoids that appeared to be humanoid seals. They were considered enemies of the people of Atlantis. In 1941, however, hostilities between the Seal People and the Atlanteans were put aside when Sub-Mariner called upon the Seal People, Walrus Men, and Shark Men to assist in an invasion of the surface world. This invasion was thwarted thanks to the Human Torch and Toro, and the alliance of undersea races disbanded.[1]

When Namor was ousted as ruler of Atlantis by his uncle Daka, the evil Atlantean made an alliance with the Seal People and the Nazis. Together, they planned an invasion of South America. However this was thwarted by the Sub-Mariner, who turned the Seal People's leader Lonu-Ne and his warriors over to the Argentinian authorities.[2]

The Seal People have not been seen since, their current activities are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The typical member of the Seal People race has a layer of blubber under their skin to resist the harsh elements of arctic climates and cold waters; it also adds an extra level of durability. They are amphibious as they have shown the ability to breath both above and below water with out any artificial means and have shown no limitations to living in both environments.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Circa the 1940's the Seal People had submersible battle ships that were armed with guns that fired steam hot enough to melt steel.
Representatives: Chancellor Lonu-Ne, Lieutenant Geerese

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