Mellencamp was a mutant who had to deal with a lot of hardships because of his reptilian appearance. Not long after his mutant powers manifested, Mellencamp was recruited as an Acolyte for Fabian Cortez, who taught him the ways of Magneto, who was believed dead at the time but was really in hiding.[1] Before Magneto could re-join the newly formed Acolytes, Mellencamp proceeded to take part in a siege on a new Sentinel warehouse, where the Acolytes were attacked by X-Factor. Mellencamp was severely injured by Multiple Man after he created a new dupe inside him, forcing Mellencamp to burst open. Broken pieces of Mellancamp scattered around the dupe as it emerged from the space where the Acolyte had been standing.[2]

Somehow, Mellancamp returned and joined the Acolytes under command of Exodus.[3] They found a new home on Genosha, in the wake of Magneto taking over the island as a dictator, making it a new safe haven for mutants. He died in the Wild Sentinels' attack on Genosha.


Mellencamp was resurrected via the Transmode Virus during the Necrosha crisis and, searching for Magneto with his fellow Acolytes Delgado and Cortez, battled Deadpool and Loa. He was eventually, and in contrast to the other "zombies", who weren't seemingly possible to terminate, killed by Loa's powers, who jumped on him in order to save Deadpool.[4]


Super-dense, bullet-resistant, reptilian skin. Heightened strength, agility and endurance. Enhanced senses. Life force draining immunity.

Strength level

Able to lift at least 5 tons.


Because his sense of taste was enhanced, he could easily be distracted by eating sweet foods.


Acolyte vehicles.


Seamus fights with his own claws.

  • His name was misspelled Melloncamp on his first appearance and has been called Meelencamp once too.

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