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A young Sean Cassidy

Sean Cassidy seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart. He was a NYPD officer before becoming an Interpol inspector.

Encounter with Vortex and the Black Razor

During the Cold War, he was sent to Nottingham Airfield on assignment to stop Carlos Ramirez from stealing nukes. Ramirez was unexpectedly aided by young mutant Vortex, forcing Cassidy to use his mutant powers to stop them. They were ambushed by Black Razors, inadvertently allowing Ramirez to escape.

Generation Gap

Years later, Sean left Interpol and became a superhero under the alias Banshee. He became a co-headmaster of Massachusetts Academy and co-leader of Generation X.

Cerebro detected a mutant energy signature and identified him as a teleporter. Banshee recognized the ability as being that of Vortex and the team headed to Quantico.

A small misunderstanding

They encountered Gen¹³ and mistook them for Moore's captors due to Sean recognizing their leader, John Lynch, as a former Black Razor. Meanwhile, Emplate appeared, kidnapped Gen¹³ ally Qeelocke, and agreed to a partnership with Moore's true captors, the Freaks. They teleported away, but Grunge and Husk were able to jump into their portal.

The two teams quickly came to a truce and convinced Moore to help them rescue their teammates. Teleporting to the Freaks base, they were able force Emplate back to his domain, but were hypnotized by Trance. Luckily, Anna being a robot couldn't be compromised and she and the Freaks agreed to a tie and left. With everyone safe, the heroes went their separate ways.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Sean Cassidy of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Sean Cassidy of Earth-616.

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