Sean Cassidy was a heroin dealer who was arrested and imprisoned in Welfare Pen. Despite his imprisonment, Cassidy continued to manage his operations within the prison and without being caught by his handlers given that he had established a system with tipsters, who kept him updated on the Police Department's movements through messenger pigeons on coops on the prison's roof. Beside continuing his heroin operations, Cassidy taught the Warden's son Thomas Halloway in the meaning of deceptions.

Finally, on another raid by the police, Cassidy's operation was uncovered. He ran to the prison's roof while being chased by a young officier Eric Magnus to find out why his warning system didn't alerted him about the raid. There he discovered that the pigeons were poisoned by what he confusedly saw was Thomas Halloway, but in fact to be Thomas' twin brother Robert. Cassidy was then fatally shot in the back by Magnus as Cassidy lamented to "Tommy" as to why he betrayed him.

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