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When Blink survived her confrontation with Harvest and gained the power of the In-Betweener, she began improving the timeline by fixing tragedies and averting disasters. Banshee, who as now married to Moira and had childred with her, was the only one to realize that something was off because of the link he formed with Blink at the moment of her apparent death. Eventually Blink sought to undo the Generation X that led to her gaining the new powers, which caused the reality to collapse on itself. As the world fell apart, Banshee traveled into the In-Betweener's realm to kill Blink and stop the cataclysm. Blink had heard his voice and undid all changes that she made to the world, causing Banshee to once again be single and too afraid to tell Moira of his feelings.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Sean Cassidy (Earth-616)#Powers.

Physical Strength

Seemingly that of Sean Cassidy (Earth-616)#Strength.

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