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Sean Dolan

Sean Dolan was once the squire of the Black Knight. He somehow got ahold of the Ebony Blade and traveled around as a drifter until he decided to help repair the recently destroyed Slorenia. In Slorenia he was decided to draw the blade. As a result the souls of the deceased Slorenians were harvested into the blade turning him into the Bloodwraith. The Bloodwraith seemed unstoppable and could not be destroyed. The Avengers could not defeat him. The Scarlet Witch instead strengthened his bond to Slorenia, not only linking him to the people but to the borders as well, trapping him inside.[2]


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Could harness the power of the dead


Can not travel outside Slorenia's borders



Ebony Blade, formerly used the Earth-374 version as Black Wraith




  • The Bloodwraith appears to be a separate entity that takes over Sean Dolan's body whenever he holds the unsheathed Ebony Blade. While the Bloodwraith is active on the Earthly plane, Dolan's soul exists within an ethereal realm of darkness within the blade and can sometimes exert an influence on the Bloodwraith's actions.[3] Dolan is the only person who has been observed to be transformed in that way by the Ebony Blade. Although the Bloodwraith entity is clearly connected to the sword, its origin has yet to be revealed.

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