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Throughout his youth Garrison used his pheromone powers to manipulate people into giving him anything he desired. He became involved with Gail Collins in this way, using his powers to manipulate her emotions so that she would fulfill his every desire. When Gail became pregnant his power over her vanished and she fled, never telling him about his unborn daughter.[1]

Many years later Garrison would be the host of a talk show and a renowned public figure in support of mutant rights, serving as counselor to many superhero figures. He gave the commencement address for a graduation at the University of Chicago. There were many protesters objecting to a mutant sympathizer being given a platform. [2]

He was approached by Emma Frost to serve as a therapist to Wither, a mutant student of the Xavier Institute with the ability to destroy any organic matter he touches. It is implied that Garrison used his abilities to manipulate conflict within the X-Men student body, such as using Wither's rivalry with Elixir to spark a feud between the students or pushing Blob to attack the Institute.[3][4]

Powers and Abilities


Empathic Pheromone Toxikinesis: Much like his daughter Wallflower, Garrison is capable of manipulating the emotions and thoughts of people around him to a great extent. This can be used to plant suggestions, alter emotions, and enforce a limited form of mind control as long as the effect lasts.


Due to his pheromones being transmitted via air, Garrison's abilities can be negated if they are incapable of reaching his intended targets.

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