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Sean was the son of George Tarleton, born after his mother Linda had an affair with him in college and who abandoned her when he learned she was pregnant. George would go on to join A.I.M. and become M.O.D.O.K. years later. When Sean grew up he joined A.I.M. himself and learned who his father was.[1]

Angry at having been abandoned by his father he began plotting from within A.I.M. and worked to undermine and destabilize them, to destroy what his father loved instead of him. To this end he retrieved a bomb that could destabilise DNA, claiming to some parts of A.I.M. that he would use it to stabilise his father and to others that he would use it to kill him. Once he had the device and his father he installed in his father's chair and was going to detonate the bomb in Times Square.[3]

The superhero Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and her Lightning Storm team had become aware of his actions and background thanks to information provided by Monica Rappaccini. Ms. Marvel flew his father out of range when the device detonated and informed her that he knew what Sean was up to. Believing his father was dead, Sean carried on with his plan and broadcast to A.I.M across multiple worlds and encouraged them to splinter apart but before he could finish his broadcast he was shot in the head by Monica Rappaccini.[1]

His skull and brain were saved and preserved by A.I.M. agents from one of the many now fractured cells and reanimated, stored within a jar and attached to a robotic body.[1]



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