Conception and Gestation

After celebrating with copious libations, one night Jamie Madrox spent the night with both Siryn and M; at the same time in two different locations. Madrox unwittingly created a dupe (or two), which allowed him to sleep with both women. After reabsorbing the dupe(s), Madrox was left with a hazy understanding of what happened and two furious women.[1] Not long after that night, Siryn discovered that she was pregnant.[2] Although the conception was far from normal, Siryn's pregnancy went relatively smoothly with few problems.[3]

Birth and Absorption

While in active labor, Siryn proposed and Madrox accepted. After a few hours labor, Siryn gave birth to a healthy baby boy and was able to share the experience with her friends and teammates from X-Factor. She decided to name the infant Sean, after her late father Sean Cassidy. This was also the first time she really admitted her father was dead; a trauma with which she was still dealing.[4][5]

James Madrox (Earth-616) absorbs Sean Madrox (Earth-616) 002

Madrox absorbing Sean

However, just hours after his birth, Madrox held baby Sean and involuntarily absorbed him. Despite Madrox's efforts to stop and his mother's screams, Sean slowly disappeared into his father just like any other dupe. Siryn, filled with rage toward Jamie, broke his finger and told him to leave.[4]

James Madrox (Earth-616) absorbs Sean Madrox (Earth-616) 003

Madrox absorbing Sean

Madrox later theorized that a dupe had actually slept with Siryn, not himself. Furthermore, the son of a duplicate is itself also a duplicate. As such, when Sean came into physical contact with Madrox Prime, he was absorbed just like any other dupe.[6]

Sean's short life had terrible and lasting effect on his parents, both of whom fell into deep depressions after his death.[6][5]


Sean potentially had the ability of Kinetic Duplication like Madrox and his dupes, but he never demonstrated this power.

  • Sean Madrox was named after his maternal grandfather, Sean Cassidy.[4][5]
  • Once Madrox was asked if it hurts to absorb his dupes and he answered that it hurt one time, seemingly a reference to Sean.[7]

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