After his last defeat at the hands of Magneto, Bastion did not die, instead uploading his consciousness to the MRD's Telos Satellite, from which he gave Luis Reyes orders. From there, he manipulated the MRD, the Purifiers and the U-Men in order to continue his war against mutants.

Eventually, having created a network of machines and modified humans he could download into at will, he transferred his consciousness into Reyes. However, the final battle did not go his way. Being beaten by The New Recruit to either the Brotherhood or the X-Men, Bastion fell for a second time, permanently.[1]


  • Viral Download: Bastion can download his consciousness to overtake a system. Originally inhabiting a satellite before taking control of Luis Reyes and with the capacity to overtake any sentinel weapon or trooper from there.
  • Teleportation: One of the gene samples taken by the U-Men included that of Megan Gwynn, due to taking over Reyes' body, Bastion gained the power of teleportation. Unlike Pixie however, he do not seem to require the spell to activate this ability.
  • Telekinetic Weapons: One of the U-Men gene samples copying the power of Psylocke, Bastion can create intangible copies of himself which attack with telekinetic blades.
  • Seismic Wave Generation: One of the U-Men gene samples, it allows Bastion to create a wave of pointed rocks by mimicking the power of Avalanche.
  • Magma Form: One of the U-Men gene samples, it allows Bastion to encase himself in an armour of magma. Taken from Amara Aquilla.


Bastion notes that his human parts actually felt attacks, and that the emotions of Luis had some influence on himself, making the biological components of his body something of an Achilles' Heel.


Battle Suit: A large power suit equipped with the Gene Samples of every mutant the U-Men took control of, the suit provides Bastion with vastly improved physical ability as well as whatever powers he requires at the time in the correct dosage in order to avoid spontaneous, uncontrolled mutation.

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