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This still unnamed entity is the embodiment of the Second Cosmos and the first Multiverse to ever exist.[1] He is the originator of the Omega Force.[2]


The incarnation of the Second Cosmos and the first Multiverse was born from the shattered pieces of the First Firmament, personification of the very first universe, in the final moments of the Celestial War.

When the Multiverse passed through its renewal cycle (a recurrent process in which the Multiverse dies and is reborn in a new embodied form),[1] the embodiment of the Second Cosmos went to the ethereal location known as the Far Shore,[2] giving way for a new personification of the Multiverse to rise in his place.[1]

During the Eternity War, he was summoned alongside his successors by Eternity to thwart the plans of the First Firmament, who sought to reclaim his position as everything that is. After the First Firmament was restrained, the Cosmoses took him to the Next Place, where they planned to heal him.[2]


  • Even though this personification of the Multiverse is not given a name in any of his appearances to date, he is referred to as the "Second Cosmos" in Ultimates 2 (Vol. 2) #6 and again in Ultimates 2 #100. For the archivist purposes of the Marvel Database, it will be used as the page name until a name is given.
  • It is believed that Vibranium was born as a result of his death.[3]

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