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Quote1.png Friends. I must again leave you for a while, to engage the human world and secure our own future. While I am gone: consider the stone cairns on the ground floor of our Tower. Consider the stones as a visible manifestation of Blind Time. The stones cannot perceive us in any way. In a hundred generations of human life, they only grow more perfect. The stones matter more to the universe than you do. Even to a stone, you are nothing. Quote2.png
Magister Karnak[src]


The Tower of Wisdom is a hallowed training ground for Inhumans. Karnak, former councilor and strategist for the Inhuman Royal Family of Attilan, relocated himself in order to assume his duties as its governing magister like his father before him; becoming a teacher of sorts to all manner of new recruits, while also working with S.H.I.E.L.D in order to keep his monastery and its handful of attendants aloft.[1]

Mister Sinister built a laboratory in the Tower's basement to study Terrigenesis and to recreate after the Inhumans lost the means to initiate it. Sinister was about to use the Inhuman Inferno as a guinea pig to test his Terrigenesis process but was confronted by Inferno's team the Warriors and by a large contingent of Inhumans. Sinister sent an army of Inhumans he experiment on he called "Unhumans" to hold his enemies off. However, he was stopped when Moon Girl broke a vial containing the last amount of Terrigen Mist and nearly poisoned Sinister to death. Sinister was able to recover and escape. After learning of Karnak's backroom deals with Sinister and the means he was willing to carry out his goals, Quake decided to destroy Sinister's lab by wiping out the entire Tower with her powers.[2]

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  • The phone room, hidden behind solid bedrock doors; the room of perfect thought; the dining hall; the kitchens; individual cells; Mister Sinister's laboratory



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