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Quote1.png This "nice long nap" you describe? It's preceded by a death. Not a coma, even -- we're talking about actual, physical death. How traumatic an experience something like that is? To have felt the life drain out of you, and then come back from that? To have known that fear, to have felt that cold -- that changes you. And then to not just live again, but -- most of the people we're talking about, they died fighting. For them to go from that, to back to the front lines, sometimes within an hour's time? Is that something you'd sign up for? Quote2.png
Black Widow

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Black Widow tracks down a group of journalist about to post online the death of Bucky. The leader of the journalists, Lori, tells her that she won't shoot because Steve Rogers won't allow her. Reluctantly, Widow holsters her gun. She then goes on to berate them all for thinking to make a profit from exploiting Bucky's name.

Another woman, Dana, says, "Cry me a river", and explains that her grandfather idolized Captain American and Bucky, especially when the former came back. But unlike heroes and villains, regular people don't get second chances, especially with cancer. Widow retorts that when heroes experience death and possibly come back, it is extremely traumatizing for them. Even if they could come back, rebuild their lives, nothing will be the same. Expecting rebirth means not moving, Widow explains to Dana.

Lori then dismisses her staff to have a private talk with Widow. But as Widow prepares to leave, Lori tells her that everyone looks up to heroes, expecting them to be invincible. In response, Lori deletes her post.

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  • With her world falling apart around her and the Avengers in disarray, Black Widow undertakes the most dangerous suicide mission of all -- eliminating the evil mastermind behind FEAR ITSELF!

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