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Appearing in "Subland Empire"

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Synopsis for "Subland Empire"

A mile beneath the city of Cincinnati a hidden underground city built by the Secret Empire is discovered by Steve Roger's Avengers. Hank McCoy made the discovery by detecting stray particles of Von Doom radiation, a special kind of radiation emmited by time machines designed by Victor Von Doom. Once inside the city the team uses a nuclear powered vintage sports car and use it to explore the vast city.

Before long they are attacked by members of the Shadow Council. The team discovers that the Shadow Council plans to make use of a giant city sized version of the Von Doom time machine, designed to transport the entire city of Cincinnati above. The theory is that by making the correct calculations the inhabitants of the city would be able to use the transported Cincinnati as a massive destructive weapons, timing the transportation to drop the entire city on any location they wanted on Earth.

Seeing that the Shadow Council already has their hands on the weapon the team had to plan a way to quickly destroy the potential terrorist device. Hank McCoy uses the engine of the nuclear powered sports car to make a makeshift neutron bomb, detonating it just as the team escapes the hidden city. Traveling up through the darkness Steve consoles Hank who feels guilt at having caused so many deaths, even justified ones.

Solicit Synopsis


  • A secret city buried one mile under American soil is discovered through the leakage of Von Doom radiation – a type of energy emitted only by time-travel devices. So the Secret Avengers head underground to a weird metropolis forgotten about for decades, because a time machine in the wrong hands is the worst kind of WMD imaginable.
  • Master storyteller Warren Ellis begins his tenure on Earth's Mightiest Clandestine Super-Team, illustrated by Eagle Award-winning Jamie McKelvie.

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