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Captain Britain
We've all met before, with the exception of this new Ant-Man, whom I've read... things about. Captain America has offered me the reins of this unit, and with great pride, I accept... Our world seems to be in constant peril. I hope together we can preemptively put a stop to some of the chaos -
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We're going to, Brian. Which is why Cap put a time-honored Avenger in charge of this delicate detail.
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Captain Britain
Yes, 'shooting things with accuracy' is far more impressive than 'Protector of the Omniverse.'
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Appearing in "The Descendants Part 1: New Life"

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Synopsis for "The Descendants Part 1: New Life"

A suicide bomber exits a truck, walks into the center of an outdoor market in a Pakistani village, and detonates the explosives on his vest. A nearby woman, Yalda, her young son in her arms, screams in terror and somehow consumes the flames. Stunned soldiers approach and ask if she is hurt, but before she can answer, the flames she devoured erupt from her mouth. The blast, stronger than what the bomb created initially, incinerates the market and everyone in the vicinity. The bomber’s compatriot, having waited in the truck, rushes forward with his rifle raised and knocks Yalda out with the butt of the gun.

Around the world, four Adaptoids sense the energy signature from the blast and abandon their human disguises - a doctor in Manhattan (The Ideal); a woman in Egypt (The Origin); a construction worker in Israel (The Urn); and a police officer in Mexico (The Swine). They proclaim that they will converge in Pakistan and “bring the Descendant to Father”.

Meanwhile, Captain Britain battles a superhuman called Riot outside Buckingham Palace. He separates Riot from the mass of human bodies that are powering him and drags the man to the Starlight Citadel in Otherworld to be imprisoned. As Meggan is about to brief Brian on various developments throughout the Omniverse, Brian receives a call and vanishes from Otherworld.

Captain Britain emerges on the other side of a portal and is welcomed by Captain America to the Lighthouse, the Secret Avengers’ new space station headquarters. Steve tells Brian that he’s stepping down from his leadership role on the team. Captain Britain presumes he’s been brought in to take Steve’s place and begins to make a speech. However, he is suddenly hit in the mouth by a glue arrow courtesy of the actual new leader of the Secret Avengers - Hawkeye. His pride wounded, Brian bristles at Hawkeye’s offer of membership and points out that a giant space station is not an ideal headquarters for a secret team. It’s only then that he sees a massive Hank Pym floating in space outside and realizes that The Lighthouse is actually miniaturized. At that moment, the station’s alarms begin to blare. Beast tells the team the computer has picked up an energy signature from an explosion in Pakistan. Hawkeye concludes they’ll be dealing with a straightforward terrorist attack.

In a mountain cavern, the terrorists threaten to hurt Yalda’s son unless she uses her powers under their command. Before the terrorists can make good on their threats, the Secret Avengers arrive and make quick work of the group. No sooner does Beast assure Yalda she’s safe than the Adaptoids appear. The Urn takes out Beast and Black Widow while The Ideal conjures the souls of the damned, which envelop Valkyrie. Captain Britain rushes at The Swine, but is overwhelmed by his superior strength. The Origin proceeds to “birth” miniature versions of each Secret Avenger, which overwhelm Ant-Man. Origin then scoops up Yalda and her son and the Adaptoids fly away. Unbeknownst to them, however, they have a stowaway - Ant-Man has shrunk down and is riding on the pant cuff of The Ideal.

Elsewhere, Father sits at a table with his allies: Lady Deathstrike, Max Fury, Jocasta, Vision, a Deathlok version of Wasp, Dr. Doom, a Sentinel, and Skullbuster. Father relays the news that the Adaptoids have captured Yalza, then tells the group that “the event” is about to begin.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The ALL-NEW era of Secret Avengers begins here!
  • Enter Captain Britain and Giant-Man as Hawkeye becomes the new leader!
  • Sentinels hunt mutants, Adaptoids hunt Avengers!

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