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Appearing in "Descendents Part 3: Core Beliefs"

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Synopsis for "Descendents Part 3: Core Beliefs"

Captain Britain materializes in the sky above the city known as The Core. As he adjusts to his surroundings, Lady Deathstrike leaps onto him from a nearby roof. Her adamantium talons slash first through his helmet, then repeatedly through the armor in his suit as they both fall. They hit the ground in the middle of a group of The Core’s synthezoid population. Brian is able to throw Deathstrike into the distance, but he is quickly swarmed by dozens of synthezoids. He is saved by a blast of flame from the Human Torch. Seeing Hammond, the synthezoids all bow and call him “Grandfather”. Confused and determined to figure out what is going on, Captain Britain and Torch take the opportunity to fly off. As they soar above the city, Captain Britain tries to access the portal to Otherworld but finds The Core is dampening magical energy. Hammond tells Brian this is why he trusts science over magic and speeds ahead.

Meanwhile, the Descendants are gathered around a table in Father’s tower. Half of the group is in favor of engaging the Avengers directly, while the other half preaches patience and strategy. Father shouts the arguing down, proclaiming that he is in charge. He declares that as long as they deal with the contingent of Avengers currently in The Core, they will be able to proceed with “The Event” before the rest of the Avengers can gather their full might to oppose them.

The Urn and The Swine chase a fleeing Parvez through the streets. Father orders them to bring the boy to him unharmed. Parvez cuts into an alley and the two Adaptoids follow, but come face to face with Valkyrie and Black Widow, who stand between them and the boy. Valkyrie stabs The Urn in the chest and Widow drops a smoke pellet to cover their escape. They retreat with Parvez to a rooftop. Natasha uses her universal translator to communicate with the boy, who tells her the Adaptoids killed both his mother and Ant-Man.

The three of them make their way to the alley where Ant-Man was killed; his blood is still pooled on the ground, where Valkyrie finds Ant-Man’s homing beacon. Suddenly, The Urn and The Swine set upon them again. The Swine quickly incapacitates Black Widow. Valkyrie flings Dragonfang at The Urn, who catches it and tries to absorb its energy. This causes a surge of power that knocks both Adaptoids off their feet and allows Valkyrie to grab Natasha and Parvez and escape.

On a nearby rooftop, Valkyrie uses a scanner to pinpoint a building with an energy signature matching the portal in Pakistan that brought them to The Core. She notes that it could be their way out. Valkyrie leaves Parvez and a recuperating Black Widow to go investigate. As she leaps towards the building, she is tackled in mid-air by The Urn, who begins to drain Valkyrie’s lifeforce as they fall.

Across town, Hawkeye fights Deathlok Wasp, trying to appeal to whatever humanity she still has left. His efforts are unsuccessful. Beast, meanwhile, is shot point-blank in the chest by Deathlok Miss America. Hawkeye tries to save Hank but hesitates at his chance to kill Deathlok Wasp. Deathlok Miss America then knocks him unconscious.

Flash Thompson is alone on The Lighthouse when an alert goes off that the field team’s homing beacon signals have been blocked. As he debates whether to call Captain America, he eyes the Venom symbiote in its containment unit.

Father speaks with Lady Deathstrike in his lab. He has removed Yalda’s head from her body and is tinkering with it. Deathstrike tells him Beast and Hawkeye have been captured, and that the former has been badly wounded. On a screen, Deathlok Wasp tells Father that Beast’s condition is stable. Pleased, Father tells her to find the rest of the Avengers.

In the brig, Deathlok Wasp orders the rest of the Deathloks to search the city as Hawkeye tends to the injured Beast in a prison cell. Clint pleads again with Deathlok Wasp to find her humanity, but she coldly leaves the room. Clint is able to stop Hank’s bleeding and apologizes for the rocky beginning to his tenure as team leader. As the two Avengers begin to ponder their fate, Ant-Man embiggens in the middle of the cell and proclaims that no Avenger is going to die today.

Solicit Synopsis

• Hawkeye's leadership put to the ultimate test after an Avenger dies!

• The Secret Avengers trapped in an automaton city in the center of the Earth!

• Father and his Descendants begin their plans to spread contagious robot evolution!

• A new Avenger joins to save our wayward squad, but will he get there in time?

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