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Agent Venom
Venom and the Valkyrie. Nice "80s P.I. Show" ring to it. He was a jarhead from Queens, she was a stunning Asgardian goddess who could predict death's arrival, and together they were--
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Losing the points won by saving me.
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Appearing in "The Descendents Part 4: Grandfather Clause"

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Synopsis for "The Descendents Part 4: Grandfather Clause"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• The final ascension of the Adaptoids, Deathlok Legion, Sentinaughts, Ultravisions, and Machine People!

• Can the Secret Avengers stop these Descendants from carrying out contagious robotic evolution?

• a dead friend returns! An Avenger mortally injured! A spy in their midst! The lighthouse compromised! a new race is born!

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