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Agent Venom
Venom and the Valkyrie. Nice "80s P.I. Show" ring to it. He was a jarhead from Queens, she was a stunning Asgardian goddess who could predict death's arrival, and together they were--
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Losing the points won by saving me.
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Appearing in "The Descendents Part 4: Grandfather Clause"

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Synopsis for "The Descendents Part 4: Grandfather Clause"

Deathlok Miss America flies above the streets of The Core searching for the Secret Avengers. She is suddenly knocked out of the air by the Human Torch and falls to the ground. Hammond demands she explain the Descendants’ plan. Miss America drops to a knee and calls Hammond a messiah. She then touches his face and uploads her memories to him.

Hammond sees that the Descendant program was created after World War II to create more androids like him. After many failures, the three lead scientists - Mother, Father, and Brother - used the magic of the Orb of Necromancy to instill true life into a group of twenty “high-breed” androids, creating human-synthezoid hybrids. The scientists disagreed on how to proceed with this discovery; Brother stole away with the Orb and Mother decided to release the high-breeds to allow them a chance at normal life. Father continued to create new generations of androids - Deathloks and Adaptoids included - but without the powers of the Orb, each came with flaws. Miss America tells Torch that Father is afraid Hammond will be seen as the Descendants’ “true leader”. Hammond flies off to find Father; Miss America radios Father that “Grandfather” is coming.

Meanwhile, Valkyrie battles the Adaptoids uptown. The Urn tosses her through a wall and The Swine slices into her shoulder with a sword. The Swine lunges at Valkyrie again, but the floor lights up underneath his feet as a portal to the surface activates. The portal sends The Swine to the Pakistani desert, where he is immediately met by a kick from the newly arrived Avenger Agent Venom. The Swine quickly adapts the symbiote’s talons and tendrils, then pounces on Agent Venom. The portal activates once more and transports them both back to The Core just as The Urn is about to strike Valkyrie down with her own sword, Dragonfang. Agent Venom webs Dragonfang out of The Urn’s hands and flings the blade into The Swine’s chest. Agent Venom levels multiple weapons - with his hands and the symbiote’s tendrils - at the other Adaptoids and demands their surrender.

Black Widow carries Parvez onto a rooftop, but is intercepted by The Origin. The Origin sprouts a half-dozen miniature Natashas that attack the real thing. The Origin approaches Parvez, but the frightened boy’s power manifests in a huge bolt of energy that fries the Adaptoid.

Human Torch and Captain Britain fly towards Father’s tower but find a massive Master Mold Sentinel standing in their way. The Sentinel blasts Captain Britain out of the sky and beseeches Human Torch to join the Descendants’ cause. Far below, Ant-Man and Hawkeye help Beast out of their prison cell in Father’s tower. They witness Human Torch’s response to the Master Mold’s offer: he flies straight into the Sentinel’s head and interfaces with its processor, ordering it to self-destruct.

Human Torch flies down to the ground as Hawkeye and the others help Captain Britain to his feet. Hammond tells them they need to leave before the Sentinel destructs and directs them all toward a plume of smoke where he surmises the other Avengers are. They arrive in the tower just after Black Widow and Parvez. The team gathers in the portal, but The Swine throws out a tendril and grabs the boy. Torch hits the Adaptoid with a burst of flame and saves Parvez, but is impaled through the chest by The Swine’s tendril. The portal transports Parvez and the badly injured Torch to the surface just before the Master Mold explodes.

Parvez’s mother, Yalda, reconstructed and corrupted by Father, uses her powers to absorb the massive blast. Father orders Deathlok Wasp to take Yalda to safely expel the absorbed energy, then assures Yalda that her son is now safe.

On the Lighthouse, Hank Pym has put Human Torch’s damaged body in a stasis field. Ant-Man tells the team that cameras he left in The Core confirmed the city’s destruction. He then takes the first watch over Torch and speaks into the empty room that “Grandfather is fine” and that he loves Father.

Solicit Synopsis

• The final ascension of the Adaptoids, Deathlok Legion, Sentinaughts, Ultravisions, and Machine People!

• Can the Secret Avengers stop these Descendants from carrying out contagious robotic evolution?

• a dead friend returns! An Avenger mortally injured! A spy in their midst! The lighthouse compromised! a new race is born!

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