Quote1 Sorry? Not yet... But it will come. The form you have chosen was a close friend to me. You molest his memory by stealing his visage. Seeing his proud face distorted in this a way raises such a fury on my soul--I WILL SMASH HIS FEATURES FROM YOUR SKULL! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "Operation Phoenix Part 2: Sacred Ground"

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Synopsis for "Operation Phoenix Part 2: Sacred Ground"

The Captain Marvels - Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel and Noh-Varr - attack the other Secret Avengers, capturing part of the team. The Vision discovers that a signal is being transmitted that is controlling all the Kree people, including the three Kree-related heroes, as Krees related to Mar-Vell impersonate the Supreme Intelligence and declare to the Kree people that the Phoenix coming to Hala will bring evolution to the worthy. The remaining Secret Avengers try to free the Kree from the mind control, but are defeated by Captain Marvel. After capturing them, Mar-Vell sees the Kree soldiers killing the people who were freed from mind control and tries to escape.

Solicit Synopsis


• Captain Marvel reborn to unite all Kree!

• Captain Marvel, The Protector and Ms. Marvel vs The Avengers!

• Who is Minister Marvel and why has he drawn the Phoenix to the Kree homeworld?


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