Quote1 Back off, Clint-- I'm a scientist. Quote2
-- Mockingbird

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Synopsis for "Arlington"

When Daisy Johnson and Nick Fury Jr. were attending a weapons expo, they meet up with Senator Robert Ralston. Daisy notices that one of the items at the expo is the Iron Patriot armor. A.I.M. then attacks the weapons expo which leads to the supposed death of Senator Robert Ralston during A.I.M.'s fight with the Secret Avengers. During the fight, Andrew Forson takes the opportunity to steal the Iron Patriot armor Norman Osborn used in Dark Reign.

Solicit Synopsis


• The High Council of A.I.M. launch their first attack – with Quake & Nick Fury caught in the crosshairs!

• Learn the deadly secret of the new Iron Patriot!


  • For years A.I.M. Island has been located at Boca Caliente. It is now located at Barbuda. Editors will continue to monitor this change of locale (and attempt to document contemporary events pertaining to Boca Caliente).
  • In a somewhat change of style, Mockingbird uses one battle stave in combat this issue. Traditionally, she has used two. This could possibly be her staves attached as one staff.


  • As a joke to the common pattern of the Helicarrier crashing, it can be seen in the flight deck a sign which reads "It has been 192 days since our last Helicarrier crash". The last known Helicarrier crash happened in Avengers Assemble #4.

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