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Quote1.png Batteries are exactly what they are. What they've been trained to be. What I trained them to be. They're here to pay the price he can't possibly pay on his own. Quote2.png
-- Wong


The Secret Disciples of Strange was a sect of approximately two dozens of monks trained by Wong with the sole purpose of taking a part of the physical toll for using magic in lieu of Doctor Strange.[2]

When all of magic was endangered by the arrival of the Empirikul, countless of people who had been touched by magic saw themselves drawn to the Himalayas to join the Secret Disciples of Strange. However, Strange learned of their temple while he was looking for the last traces of magic on the Earth. He incapacitated Wong to prevent him and the Disciples from risking their lives, and ordered those who had traveled there to leave.

Regardless of this, when Doctor Strange confronted the leader of the Empirikul, the Imperator, the remaining Disciples and hundreds of people across the world supported Strange and absorbed his pain so he could fight until the Imperator's defeat.

Once the dust settled, Wong sent the monks home and dismantled the Secret Disciples at Strange's request.[1]

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