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Quote1.png These Skrulls, they come into our home -- take from us... We're going to take from them. Lockjaw and the others will crush their defenses. Show the same ruthlessness they have shown us. And just as they have stolen our family, stolen our gifts...we will steal their technology. We'll take the very ship that brought them to our city...and use it to get Black Bolt back. Even if we have to scour all of space. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Family (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Skrulls
    • Super-Skrulls
      • Inhuman Royal Family Skrull (Final appearance; dies)
      • Ant-Man Super-Skrull
      • Captain America/Spider-Man Super-Skrull
      • Colossus/Cyclops/Wolverine Super-Skrull
      • Ghost Rider Super-Skrull
      • Mister Fantastic/Medusa Super-Skrull
      • White Phoenix/Medusa Super-Skrull (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Family (Part 2)"

In the chapel, Karnak squares off against one of the Skrulls resembling him who had infiltrated the Royal Family. Though they are equal in power, Karnak demonstrates to the Skrull of the weaknesses he had discovered in his years of living in Attilan. He kicks the Skrull through the painted glass, falling from the chapel and impaled on a pointed fence post outside the chapel, sharing the fate of the Black Bolt impostor.

More Super-Skrulls make their presence known and they begin to lay siege to Atillan. Two Super-Skrulls then comment on their thoughts that Attilan was populated by mighty Kree warriors. They make the mistake of underestimating Crystal, who uses her elemental powers to create a giant stone effigy of Black Bolt, who smashes them into the wall of the royal palace.

Within the building itself, Medusa defends herself against the Super-Skrull with her hair and proves just how ruthless she can truly be when faced with the threat of eminent demise. Medusa and the Skrull topple from the balcony of the palace to the ground below, but she makes certain that the Skrull remains alive long enough for interrogation.

Elsewhere in the city, Karnak meets up with Gorgon who is in the midst of taking on an entire horde of Skrulls by himself. He saves Gorgon from being beheaded by a Super-Skrull and the two continue to repel the attackers.

Medusa and Crystal take their Super-Skrull prisoner to the Terrigen Mists. Exposure to the mists changes the alien on a physiological level - a fate worse than death for a Skrull. Mutated beyond recognization, the Super-Skrull reveals that Black Bolt is being held captive to be used as a weapon, but doesn't know where he is. Medusa doesn't believe him and tries throwing him in the chamber only to be stopped by Crystal. Gathering the rest of the Royal Family, they capture a Skrull starship. Leaving beleaguered Atillan behind, the Inhumans commit themselves to rescuing their former liege Black Bolt.

Meanwhile, aboard the Skrull warship Ryb'ik, a Skrull scientist continues to operate on Black Bolt to learn the secret of his sonic powers. In order to force Black Bolt's cooperation, the scientist reveals that he has captured his son Ahura, whose powers have been neutralized by a female Skrull resembling Jean Grey as the White Phoenix with his mother's extendable hair.


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