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The Inhuman Royal Family have arrived in Kree space to ask for the assistance of Ronan the Accuser, in their search for Black Bolt.

Meanwhile, on the Ry'bik, while trying to locate Black Bolt's "Achilles' Heel", the Skrull scientist muses on how his parents exposed him to the Terrigen Mists in utero, was discovered to have a destructive voice and had to be separated from everyone else, save his wife/cousin Medusa. He then finds his weakness: his queen.

Ronan and Medusa discuss a possible alliance between their races. Ronan doesn't think that it is even prudent that the Inhumans start their predetermined tasks to infiltrate the Skrulls, having already lost the war. However, he agrees to assist them, on the condition that Crystal become his bride. Despite the latter's objections, Medusa agrees to his terms.

Ten minutes later, Karnak analyzes the Skrull communications net, which the Kree have failed to crack for years, determining three weak points in it, which they should exploit simultaneously, meaning that they would have to split up. Crystals refuses to have their family broken up; Ronan laughs at the word, pointing out that they don't even look alike; Medusa agrees with Karnak's plan. Enhanced with Kree technology, Lockjaw is able to teleport the Royal Family across the galaxy; Medusa and Crystal to locate an imprisoned Skrull communications officer in the custody of Thundra's tribe, stealing the garments of two tribeswomen; Karnak and Gorgon to Rigel 3, where they will locate a robot that had cracked the net; and Triton to the water planet Pelagia, where the Skrulls had planted a beacon. However, each person/pair runs into difficulties: the Amaquelin sisters get into an argument regarding their agreement with Ronan and the question about Crystal's maturity; Thundra comes upon them and tells them that all arguments must be resolved in organized fights; Gorgon can't locate the right robot in a huge crowd of ones; Karnak is snuck up upon while accessing a computer; and Triton runs into the Pelagians, who resemble him and is captured.

Meanwhile, the Ry'bik approaches a giant amplifier device that enable the Skrull to destroy Attilan.


It is revealed that Black Bolt was captured while attempting to go to Earth to meet with the Illuminati.

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