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Quote1.png Your king feels like this is all too familiar. A story we've lived over one too many times. We are a mighty people. Powerful. We chose to respect that power and keep to ourselves. To avoid war. But war keeps finding us nonetheless. Perhaps we need to change our methods to protect our family. ... And so, my brothers and sisters, we stand at the precipice of a new era! A day where we take the fight to those who would do us harm! As of today, we no longer play the victims! We take them! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Karnak is held at gunpoint by a Rigelian guard. However, he asks his would-be killer if he has even taken a life, making him hesitate enough so that Karnak could take his gun and complete his task, giving Gorgon the serial number of the decoder robot. Once he grabs it, they are teleported back to their ship by Lockjaw.

On Earth, Medusa and Crystal begin their forced duel in the Femizon arena. The former demands that her sister step down so that she can speak with Thundra, from queen to queen. However, Crystal refuses to be treated as a child and summons a cobra-shaped flame, reminding her sister that their mission is to rescue Black Bolt and they should try diplomacy instead of violence; her sister stands down; Crystal then requests for an audience with Thundra. She negotiates the release of the Skrull prisoner into their custody, passionately describing how her sister and her husband are stronger together because of their love. When they return to the ship, Medusa acknowledges that her sister is stronger than she gave her credit for.

On Pelagia, Triton escapes the clutches of the Pelagians and plow his way through an entire legion of Pelagians before reaching the beacon. He then returns to the ship, where Karnak presents him with enhanced breathing apparatus for the upcoming battle.

With all of the pieces in place, the Royal Family locates the Ry'bik and engage it, supported by Ronan's fleet. Karnak uses their ship to block the Ry'bik's path; Triton, with his new breathing gear, fights any Skrulls in the vacuum of space; and all the others storm their way through the ship's halls. As this goes on, Ahura uses his powers to free his father. Blackagar then confronts the scientist who experimented on him; he tried retaliating by morphing his right leg to resemble Ben Grimm's, only for Blackagar to catch it, before whisper to his captor at point-blank range, liquefying him, except for his right leg. However, the White Phoenix/Medusa Skrull holds a knife to Ahura's neck, stating, "He loves you", only to be caught off as Medusa impales her with her hair. Husband and wife share a kiss, before returning to Attilan, to announce that the Inhumans will take control of their own destiny.


  • The Skrull language can be deciphered with translations seen in Secret Invasion #5. The captured Skrull in this issue only says, "SKRULL LANGUA."

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