Quote1 This ain't the Breakworld, it's San Francisco. 'Course, having said that -- you feel you wanna break somethin', it's probably best not to bottle it up. Quote2
-- Cannonball (Sam Guthrie)

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  • San Francisco police
    • Trant
    • Molson
    • other unnamed police




Synopsis for 1st story

The Skrull invasion fleet arrives in San Francisco, and despite the good intentions of the local police, the Skrulls quickly gain control. In come the X-Men, and the Skrulls are shocked. It would seem that their intel didn't show the X-Men living in California, so the Skrulls are completely blindsided by the group showing up. Not to say that the Skrulls weren't trained for this type of scenario.

Just as Emma was providing a battle report to Scott, the Skrulls put up their psychic barrier, the Thought-Wall, which cripples the X-Men's psychics.

The X-Men had taken some hostages in an effort to gain intel on their enemy, and Kurt picked up a small sphere carried by the Skrulls' priest. It begins talking to him psychically, connecting to his memories, and attempting to convert him to the Skrull religion.

It doesn't have much time, as they are interrupted by the Skrulls' first wave of Super-Skrulls.

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