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Secret Invasion X-Men Vol 1 3 page 07 Skrulls (Earth-616).jpgSkrulls
Did you think you could hide from us, woman? In your own mindscape?
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Emma Frost (Earth-616) from Secret Invasion X-Men Vol 1 3 001.jpg
No. I just wanted to spread you out a little. If you need to dismantle a wall-- the easiest way is one brick at a time.
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  • San Francisco residents

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Synopsis for 1st story

The psychic Skrulls maintaining the thought wall have identified Emma Frost as attacking it, and pounce on her. It would seem that the second she reached out to the wall, her mind was disconnected from her body, rendering her legally dead. Cyclops orders the Cuckoos to keep her body going until she has a chance to return.

As the psychic Skrulls break down Emma's defenses, Cannonball's team take out a few drop ships. One Skrull breaks through Emma's inner barrier, and she pretends to be defenseless.

With that, she kills the psychic Skrulls and returns to her body, taking the Thought-Wall down as well. Scott is grateful.

Anole discovers that the Skrulls are rounding up people by the thousands and sealing them inside buildings central to the city.

Kurt struggles with the psychic orb trying to convert him, and Hank studies the physiology of the Super-Skrull brought to his lab. He finds a way to stop them from shape-shifting, but it will take three years to synthesize the right proteins. As he continues to work, Kurt visits him, explaining about the orb and how he can't get it out of his head now. As Hank examines it, he figures out the perfect weapon to use against the Skrulls: The Legacy Virus.

As the X-Men figure out the Skrulls plan to kill thousands of people in a few central buildings, Hank presents their doomsday option with a stipulation, once released, it will kill every Skrull who ever comes in contact with it. Releasing the virus would mean genocide.


  • The Skrull language can be deciphered with translations seen in Secret Invasion #5. The Skrull that Cannonball attacks says, "dumb hillbilly! I banged your sister!". The soldier herding civilians says, "palin has hot boobs. go obama!". The ones that catch Anole say, "umf jigga wha--?", "jigga who??", "jigga please!".

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