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Synopsis for 1st story

With his hostages rounded up, Commander H'kurrek summons his last remaining partial psychic to deliver a message to the X-Men: Surrender, or the hostages will be killed.

Cyclops decides they have no choice but deploy their doomsday weapon, a modified version of The Legacy Virus set up to kill Skrulls instead of mutants.

They surrender to the Skrulls and are immediately brought before the Commander. After some banter, an urgent report comes in regarding the Skrull transport ships crashing. It would seem that the first infected Skrulls were already dying.

Secret Invasion X-Men Vol 1 4 page 17 H'kurrek (Earth-616).jpg
Commander H'Kurrek
What have you done? What have you done?
Conversation Tail.png
Secret Invasion X-Men Vol 1 4 page 17 Scott Summers (Earth-616).jpg
We brought an infection with us. Sprayed on our skin and our clothes. Every ship that carried an X-Man has been exposed. The Skrulls we met on the ground, too. And everyone they've touched or been close to since. Your officers and staff. Yourself, of course. As you can see, the effects are starting to work through. Everyone will be showing symptoms within the next hour or so. And two days after that they'll be dead.
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Faced with bringing the plague back to his family, H'kurrek sounds the self-immolation of the entire fleet at San Francisco. The X-Men narrowly escape as the entire Skrull fleet is destroyed, preventing the virus from ever reaching any other Skrulls.

The city of San Francisco is released from the alien's grasp, and the citizens are extremely grateful to the X-Men.


  • The Skrull language can be deciphered with translations seen in Secret Invasion #5. The Skrull exclaiming at the apparent surrender of the X-Men says, "booyah!". The telepath that reads Cyclops' mind says, "eff me!"

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