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Quote1.png If there is nothing but what we make in this world, brothers...let us make good. Quote2.png
Beta Ray Bill

Appearing in "The Green of Eden"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Remnants (First appearance)
  • Skrull monks


Other Characters:


  • Starbase of the Remnants
  • Asteroid Home of the Skrulls



Synopsis for "The Green of Eden"

Bill is at the starbase of the Remnants, fighting off a gigantic creature. After it's defeat, he accepts the thanks of the Remnants, and they tell him about Voidian. He then meets a group of monks that ask for his help against a group of oppressors. They take him to their asteroid temple where they are attacked by the Godkillers, the same Skrulls that attacked Asgard[1]. Bill tells the monks to flee, but discovers that they are Skrulls as well. One of their number tells him that they are former Godkillers. After the attack on Asgard, their ranks split after a religious difference. Their group is trying to find a new god and a new path in life, while the other group still follows the old Skrull gods. They then tell him that Bill is their new god. He tells him that he is no god, and is not interested. The Godkillers release their only Super-Skrull, S'Kaan, who was created with skin scrapings from the Warriors Three. Bill defeats him, but does not kill him. The Skrull Monks use their abilities to save S'Kaan, and Bill heads back to Earth. The Skrull Monks then return to the Remnant starbase, there to help aid and protect the Remnants, since the robots are not programmed to fight or even really defend themselves.

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