Quote1.png "One's shape is a destination. One's shape is a divine experience of motion. One's shape is a tool of expression. One's shape is not meant to define that which makes you an individual. One shape is meaningless. One's shape is everything and everyone." Quote2.png
-- Book of Words, Passage of the Kki

Appearing in "Secret Invasion: Prologue"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion: Prologue"

Dum-Dum Dugan meets with a woman who he believes to be the Contessa de Fontaine around the time of Captain America's death. She asks Dugan about Nick Fury's whereabouts in the wake of the Secret War, and if he has had contact with Fury. Dugan denies any knowledge. The Contessa then produces a set of claws much like Wolverine's, and stabs Dugan. The Contessa shifts into her true form of a Skrull before shifting to look like Dugan, and walks away, leaving the real Dugan dying on the floor.


  • This issue is only available as a free online issue to Marvel Comics Unlimited subscribers.

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