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Appearing in "Secret Invasion: Part I"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion: Part I"

We begin with a flashback to years ago with a bunch of Skrull soldiers approaching their Queen who had been banished. The Skrulls inform their Queen that the Skrull homeworld has been destroyed and the Skrull armada nearly wiped out. The Queen says that the scripture was right and that now her people have come back to her. The Queen then says that she will now tell her people what must be done.

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We zip back to the present in one of Tony Stark’s labs where he is meeting with Reed Richards and Henry Pym. Tony reveals to Reed and Hank the body of the Elektra Skrull. Tony fills Reed and Henry in on the fact that the Skrulls have infiltrated Earth. That these new Skrulls are totally undetectable by any means of science or magic. Tony says that Reed and Henry are the two smartest men on the planet and asks them to study the Skrull and figure up a way to detect these new Skrulls.

We cut to the Peak, the headquarters of SWORD. Dum Dum Dugan arrives at the Peak and meets with Agent Brand. Suddenly, Brand is alerted that a Skrull ship has entered Earth’s atmosphere and is headed to crash land in the Savage Land. Brand orders for her assistant to contact Tony Stark immediately.

We cut back to Tony still meeting with Reed and Henry. Suddenly, Tony is alerted by Maria Hill that a Skrull ship has crash landed in the Savage Land. Tony tells Maria that he will investigate it himself. Tony won’t tell Reed and Henry about the crashed Skrull ship and simply tells them that he will be calling to check in on them.

Iron Man takes off and contacts Spider-Woman. She tells Tony that only she and Jarvis are currently at Avengers Tower. Tony tells her to get the Quinjet ready and to call the rest of the Avengers and get them back to Avengers Tower immediately in order to head out to the Savage Land to investigate the Skrull ship.

Spider-Woman then calls Luke Cage and tells him about the Skrull ship that crashed in the Savage Land. Spider-Woman says that at this point she trusts Luke and the Secret Avengers more than Tony. Spider-Woman tells Luke about the crash landed Skrull ship in the Savage Land. Luke hangs up and then calls someone else and asks for a “quick drop.”

We slide back to Avengers Tower where Black Widow is standing outside of the Quinjet. Suddenly, the Secret Avengers arrive on the scene courtesy of Cloak. Spider-Man webs up Black Widow and the Secret Avengers steal the Quinjet.

Three minutes later, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Ares, and Spider-Woman arrive on the scene. Iron Man asks Black Widow where the Quinjet is.

We cut back to the stolen Quinjet. Iron Fist points out that Tony can control the world’s satellites and will be following them. Luke doesn’t care. We see the Secret Avengers arriving at the Savage Land. A dinosaur chomps on the Quinjet and knocks it out of the air. The Secret Avengers emerge from the wrecked Quinjet. Wolverine says that he will track the way to the crashed Skrull ship.

On the way, the Secret Avengers pass the site where they had their first battle. Wolverine says that this isn’t why they are here and to come on. The Secret Avengers arrive at the crashed Skrull ship. Suddenly, Iron Man and the rest of the Mighty Avengers show up on the scene. Iron Man tells the Secret Avengers to step away from the ship and that they are under arrest.

The two sets of Avengers square off. Luke ignores Iron Man and starts to tear open the Skrull ship. Luke comments that Tony must be a Skrull since he doesn’t want the Secret Avengers opening this ship. We see Luke prying away at the ship. Suddenly an orange light on the ship turns green.

We then cut back to the Peak. Suddenly, Dum Dum Dugan’s eyes glow green and he says “He loves you…” The Peak then blows up. All the agents in the Peak are covered by protective bubbles as they float amid the wreckage of the space station.

We cut to Avengers Tower where Jarvis’ eyes are glazed over. Jarvis says “He loves you…” and enters an alien virus into the Avengers Tower computer system. We then see Iron Man’s armor freezing up and being attacked by the virus. Iron Man collapses to the ground.

We then shift to the Helicarrier where Maria Hill is being informed that they have a full systems malfunction. Maria Hill orders everyone to abandon ship. We see the helicarrier tilting to its side and it begins to crash.

We then see the alien virus that Jarvis uploaded attacking and shutting down all of the Stark Enterprises facilities across the country. We zip to the Raft and see the alien virus hacking through their system and releasing all of the prisoners. We slide to the Cube and see the alien virus shutting down their system and releasing all of the prisoners. Marvel Boy notices that the security systems have been decimated and decides that it is time to leave the Cube.

We slide over to Thunderbolts Mountain where Norman Osborn is meeting with several Thunderbolts. Suddenly, the wall explodes and all the Thunderbolts are knocked out. We see Captain Marvel standing in the gaping hole of Thunderbolts Mountain.

We shift to Manhattan and see a guided tour group in the Baxter Building. One of the tourists slips away from the group. The tourist is a Skrull and he turns into Sue Richards. Skrull Sue then walks past Johnny and Franklin and enters Reed’s lab. Skrull Sue then opens the Negative Zone portal and creates a massive breach in the portal. Skrull Sue says “He loves you…” We see the Negative Zone breach beginning to suck in the top part of the Baxter Building.

We cut back to the Savage Land. Iron Man is having a complete seizure from the alien virus. Luke smartly exclaims that what Iron Man is doing is nothing but a trick. (Of course.) Suddenly, the Skrull ship opens and out steps Power Man, Wolverine, White Queen, Jewel, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Thor, Iron Man, Vision, Phoenix, Invisible Woman. All of them are in there 1970’s glory.

The 1970’s characters square off with the combined Secret and Mighty Avengers. The 1970’s Ms Marvel asks “Is this it? Did we make it back to Earth?”

We slide back to the wreckage of the Peak. Agent Brand is desperately trying to contact the helicarrier. Brand says that they only have got about ten more minutes of air left. Suddenly, Agent Brand sees a massive Skrull armada arrive outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

We cut back to the Stark lab where Reed and Henry are working on the Electra Skrull. Reed says that he thinks he has figured out how the Skrulls made themselves undetectable. Reed asks Henry if he knows what the Skrulls did. Henry replies that he already knows. Henry pulls out a gun on Reed and blasts him into goo. Henry Pym then turns into his Skrull form and says “He even loves you.”


  • The main cover for this issue is patterned after the cover of New Avengers #1.

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