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Appearing in "Secret Invasion: Part II"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion: Part II"

We begin with the 1970’s characters squared off against the combined forces of the Mighty Avengers and the Secret Avengers. The 1970’s characters think the modern day characters are Skrulls while the modern day characters think the 1970’s characters are Skrulls. Ares tells the Mighty Avengers and the Secret Avengers to leave immediately. Ares says that this is a trap. Ares says that he will handle the 1970’s heroes himself. Ares reminds everyone that he is the god of war and that this is not the fight. That this is a trap. Of course, nobody leaves.

Luke Cage trash talks the 1970’s version of Luke Cage which basically de-evolves into banter that consists of the 1970’s Luke Cage incapable of saying anything else other than “Word!” over and over. And we get the present day Luke Cage countering with his inability to walk away from the 1970’s Luke Cage’s “disrespect.”

The two sets of characters then begin brawling. Ms. Marvel carries Iron Man away from the fight scene. During the brawl, the Sentry begins to hallucinate that the Vision is really the Void. The Void tells the Sentry that Bob caused all of this to happen. That Bob is getting his revenge on all the heroes for them forgetting about Bob when he needed them the most. The Sentry is reduced to a blubbering mess and flies away from the scene.

Hawkeye steals the bow and arrows from the 1970’s Hawkeye. Our current Hawkeye then starts shooting the various 1970’s heroes. Our current Hawkeye then begins to think that maybe the 1970’s Captain America is the real deal and not a Skrull. Just then a giant dinosaur busts onto the scene and rampages through all the heroes.

We cut to Ms. Marvel and Iron Man arriving at the Mutate Citadel. Tony says that there was a laboratory here once upon a time. Unfortunately, the Citadel is in ruins. Ms. Marvel asks what Tony plans on doing. Tony replies that the Skrulls have infected his armor with an alien virus. Therefore, Tony is going to rebuild his armor from scratch.

Tony tells Ms. Marvel to fly back to the mainland and find out what has happened and then to gather everyone who’s left. Tony says that he built his first armor out of less than what he has in the Citadel’s bombed out lab. That Tony is going to do the one thing Skrulls can’t imitate. Use his brain.

We cut to the fight scene where the dinosaur effectively stomped all over several of the 1970’s heroes and killed them. We see that the 1970’s Spider-Man has reverted to his original Skrull form. Our current Wolverine and our current Luke Cage then square off against each other and have another “You’re a Skrull! No, you’re a Skrull” debate.

Wolverine figures out that the Skrulls must want to keep Earth intact and only want to kill the humans. That this entire battle was just a way for the Skrulls to torture them. This battle was just an attempt by the Skrulls to get them to distrust each other and kill each other. Wolverine then says that they fell for it. Luke replies “I didn’t see the scope of this. I didn’t see them taking Stark out.” Wolverine replies if Stark is even really him and not a Skrull. Wolverine says that the 1970’s heroes were Skrulls on a suicide mission.

Wolverine then spies Mockingbird sitting next to the 1970’s Hawkeye’s corpse. The 1970’s Hawkeye has reverted back to his Skrull form. Mockingbird comments that they knew they had a Skrull or two in their group before they crashed. Wolverine charges Mockingbird only to get shot with an arrow into his arm.

Clint steps forward and tells Wolverine to back off. Mockingbird claims that she is not a Skrull. Clint asks her to tell him something about October 12. Mockingbird says that they had a miscarriage and they never told anyone. That they figured their baby’s birthday would have been October 12.

Clint tells Wolverine that nobody else in the world knew about that. Clint says that Mockingbird must really be herself. Mockingbird and Clint kiss each other. Clint says to Mockingbird that she died. Mockingbird responds that she didn’t.

Wolverine is less than pleased and says that Mockingbird still could be a Skrull. Wolverine says that for all they know that Clint could be a Skrull.

Mockingbird then comments that Captain America is definitely the real version. That he is the one who got them back to Earth.

We cut to Manhattan where the Young Avengers are among the crowd of people watching the Baxter Building getting sucked into the Negative Zone. Suddenly, the Skrull armada arrives. The Skrull ships start blasting the office buildings. Then we see an army of Super-Skrulls beam down from the ships and begin to attack Manhattan. End of issue.

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