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Quote1.png Hey, we'll beat 'em. ... We will. They're weasels. They came all the way here, threw everything they had at us...and look, we're still here. Quote2.png
Luke Cage

Appearing in "Secret Invasion: Part VI"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion: Part VI"

A giant fireball slams to the earth as Marvel Boy flies past on a S.H.I.E.L.D. speeder. Noh-Varr lands to see a critically wounded Captain Marvel emerge from the flames. Marvel collapses into Noh-Varr’s arms and, with his dying words, tells Noh-Varr that he cannot let the Skrulls win and that he is on Earth for a reason. Marvel then reverts to his true Skrull form as Noh-Varr looks on in shock.

The Skrull broadcast continues to air across the globe as scenes of conflict unfold in San Francisco, Wakanda, Israel, Attilan, and the Savage Land. The aliens’ message to the human race is clear: surrender and embrace change. At Camp Hammond, Criti Noll - the Skrull currently impersonating Hank Pym - receives a debrief from a Skrull soldier. They share concern about the Skrulls’ Captain Marvel sleeper agent turning on the Skrull armada, as well as the state of their operation in the Savage Land. Queen Veranke arrives and shares that Reed Richards and the Avengers have not been defeated and are likely headed to New York. Criti Noll asks Veranke if Wasp is with them. Veranke confirms that she is, and Noll states confidently that in that case, the Skrulls win. Veranke agrees, but says that the mysterious option Noll refers to is only a last resort.

The Avengers are regrouping on the Skrull ship they have commandeered, and are coping with the knowledge that Spider-Woman is a Skrull, and has been for some time. Iron Man is dealing with the guilt of bringing Jessica Drew onto the team, not to mention the damage done to his armor systems by the Skrulls’ Stark Tech virus. Wasp and Luke Cage do their best to rally the team as they arrive in New York airspace and see a level of destruction none of them were expecting.

On the ground, a group of civilians enthusiastic for their new Skrull overlords gets between a line of NYPD officers and Super-Skrulls, putting themselves in grave danger. They are saved by the arrival of Nick Fury, the Secret Warriors, the Young Avengers, and members of the Initiative, who successfully dispatch the Super-Skrulls. In the distance, a series of lightning bolts strike the ground in Central Park, an invitation from a returned Thor for Skrulls and heroes alike to join him in open conflict. The new Captain America and the Avengers are first to arrive, followed quickly by Veranke, Criti Noll, and their army of Super-Skrulls. Nick Fury’s squadron, The Hood’s gang, and the Thunderbolts all assemble alongside the Avengers as the final battle for Earth begins.


  • The Super-Skrulls' alienese text can be deciphered based on the translations shown in the previous issue. The ones confronting protesters and police on page 12 are saying: "what are you doing? I said, what are you doing?", "Get their weapons!", "You are one of us. Join us now!", and "Fools." On the next page when the heroes attack, they're saying, "ugh!", and "arrgh".

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