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-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion: Finale"

The heroes and villains of Earth make their final stand against the Skrulls in Central Park. Janet van Dyne is turned into a chemical bomb that repels the last of the Skrull invaders, killing herself in the process. Norman Osborn kills the Skrull queen. As the Secret Invasion comes to an end, the missing heroes who had been replaced by Skrull impostors return to Earth.

The real Mockingbird returns to Earth after having been a captive of the Skrull Empire for many years. She reunites with her ex-husband Clint Barton. Also, the real Sue Richards reconnects with her family.

Jessica Jones comes to the startling realization that she left her child in the care of the Edwin Jarvis skrull.

In light of Tony Stark's failures concerning the Skrull invasion, the President of the United States removes him as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and disbands the entire organization. Norman Osborn is selected to assume his duties as the director of the new Thunderbolts Initiative. Nobody knows that Osborn is also collaborating with several other disreputable characters for the forthcoming "Dark Reign".



  • Elvis can be seen amongst the humans who had been captured.

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