After a mission led by Hawkeye and Mockingbird against Hydra ended with the secret revelation of Madame Viper being a Skrull, which was kept only to Nick Fury by Mockingbird, he decided to create a secret group of his allies in order to observe and try to find any other Skrull infiltrator hiding among people on Earth.[1]

They contacted Tony Stark and alerted him about this situation.[2] Days later, when a massive Skrull Invasion showed on Earth, Mockingbird was revealed being the Skrull Queen Veranke, who knocked Fury, Black Widow, and Quake with a laser rifle.[3]

Maria Hill arrived to Fury's hideout and put Veranke to flight, allowing Fury to help Iron Man to repair his armor after Veranke transmitted a virus into it.

Fury is latter seen in the Avengers Mansion after the Skull invasion at Washington, D.C. was stopped by the Avengers.



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