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It is now all-out war between Hydra and Leviathan. Both terrorist organizations have gone extreme in their methods, taking out entire bases without regard for civilians. Eventually, the Leviathan thought to make a ceasefire, only for one of their leaders, Magadan, to get assassinated. In retaliation, Leviathan took out a Hydra recruitment center in Seattle. Nick Fury has had enough and declares that this all ends. While he's away making preparations, Hellfire tricks Quake into letting him out for a while so he could tell his Hydra contact about Fury's plan to attack the main Hydra base of Gehenna.

A few days later, the Secret Warriors are brought to orbital Heaven's Hell, a Fury secret base in orbit. There, Fury explains the plan for the main team to hit Hydra, while the other teams take on the last Leviathan bases. He had Eden make a portal into Gehenna, where they attempt to blow it up, but they were expected. And worse, once the bomb was armed, Eden was shot dead. Watching on screen, Baron von Strucker glees in his moment of destroying his nemesis.

Solicit Synopsis

“Night”, the new story arc of SECRET WARRIORS begins here! After the devastating events of “The Last Ride of the Howling Commandos”, an even more determined Nick Fury sets his endgame in motion. Join us as Jonathan Hickman begins to bring all his mad plans to fruition and we rocket towards the jaw-dropping conclusion of what calls “a great, anything-goes series!”


  • Slingshot has shaved her head in this issue.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references below for more info.[1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:
    • Secret Warriors: Night #1
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