Quote1 I have died and been born again. There is nothing I fear. One day I will kill a god. Quote2
-- Gorgon

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Daisy Johnson starts to recap to the rest of the Warriors the findings of Nick Fury and the security footage of the last Hydra meeting, trying to identified each one of the members.

The team heads out to an old SHIELD base codenamed Red Worm that has been used as a psi-agent quarantine facility, one of the two bases that Hydra hasn't raided yet. While they go, Fury meets up with the Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in a restaurant. When Nick finds out that she's working for someone, he pulls out his gun and so does she. At the end they both start to eat and talk about the future.

When the Secret Warriors arrive to the Red Worm, they see a revived Gorgon executing agents, Daisy makes the call and tells the team to attack, unfortunately they're no match to Gorgon's powers. Even Phobos, god of fear, is unable to use his powers against him. With Yo Yo hurt badly Fury sends the kids to a closer location that could tend to their injuries. Worried about the mission Nick makes a call to an old friend for help: Dum Dum Dugan.


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