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Appearing in "To Begin The World Over Again: Part 3"

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  • Blackbird (Destruction)
  • Hydra Helicarrier Telemachus (First appearance) (Unnamed)

Synopsis for "To Begin The World Over Again: Part 3"

On the night Hydra took over America, a dome of darkness appeared over Manhattan. It was one of the most frightening things that the people of Jersey City had ever seen. That night, they turned to their hero, Ms Marvel - and she could think of nothing to do.

Tonight, on the road into New Tian, Quake and her team of secret warriors have encountered a group of X-Men working border security. Latent antagonism between the group stemming from a variety of factors - the recently-ended conflict between the X-Men and New Attilan, the X-Men's current precarious relationship with Hydra - lead to needling language from both sides, but Quake eventually gets to the point, explaining that she has come here for an Inhuman named Leer, who she wants to recruit. Beast, the ranking X-Man, insists that he has never heard of this man, and demands they leave.

To one side, Ms Marvel attempts to introduce herself to Magik and Boom Boom, to break the ice, but they respond with mockery and derision, and when Boom Boom says that Ms Marvel cannot help, the young Inhuman decks her...

In Jersey City, on a night after the takeover, Ms Marvel was working a late patrol, searching for allies using an Avengers communicard she "forgot" to hand in when she left the team. The first contact she made, who claimed to be Tony Stark, told her to forgo heroism as it would only get her killed if she tried it now. When she insisted she needed help, as Hydra soldiers were swarming Jersey City, Stark said they are probably looking for her, and to help the locals by getting out of town.

In New Tian, the punch escalates into a brawl between the three heroines, which ends when a fissure opens in the earth. Ms Marvel blames Quake, but it turns out this is the work of Rictor, who opines that Quake should "get some original powers". Beast and Karnak agree that tempers are too high for discourse to continue, and that the Inhumans should leave. Privately, Karnak insists to the group that he has a plan.

The group's second-hand station wagon is escorted on the road by the X-Men's modified SR-71 Blackbird. Due to a mix of frustration, envy, and Karnak's plan, Quake incapacitates the jet, and they go off the road.

In Jersey City, on a night after the takeover, Ms Marvel was working a late patrol, when she ran across two young men in balaclavas, with a plan to blow up some Hydra trucks. Ms Marvel argued for them not to, citing the locals who use the street, and urged them to be better than their opponents. However, this appeal to liberal sensibilities had been spoiled by the arrival of actual fascists with guns, and the three youths had ran.

In New Tian, Karnak has led the group to an isolated shack, which he reveals to be the surface of a secret laboratory. Moon Girl is enraptured, but the others, who are tall enough to see the modified corpses on the gurneys, are wary. When the lab's owner, Dark Beast, arrives, he claims to have idea who Leer is, so Quake leads the group to catch him, and then locks herself, Dark Beast, and Karnak, into a back room. Ms Marvel refuses, afraid that Quake is about to do something unethical, but Quake uses her powers to induce nausea, and pushed everyone out of the room.

In Jersey City, on a night after the takeover, Hydra soldiers had arrived on the doorstep of the Khan family, looking for a specific young man. Yusuf Khan, the father, was politely but deliberately unhelpful, and after they left, ordered that no-one was to go outside, as innocent people would only come to harm among such men. His daughter Kamala, in her costumed identity as Ms Marvel, snuck out an upstairs window and shadowed the soldiers, and watched as they and a battalion of similar men assembled outside a specific house, taking an Inhuman into custody. As they led him to a prison wagon, one of the soldiers bragged that they had found him by using "a little pressure" on a young man who tried to put a bomb in a truck, and that individuals are powerless against organized evil like Hydra. In the shadows, Ms Marvel wants to act, but can think of nothing.

In the lab, Ms Marvel, Inferno and Moon Girl wait with dread in the silence after Dark Beast's screams have stopped. When the door opens, all of Ms Marvel's anxieties at this situation come pouring out, and she insists that torture is wrong. Quake meets this with her own anxieties, admitting that she has done terrible things in the name of her crusade, and will do more. And that while she respects that Ms Marvel's power comes from her moral strength, that if the mission requires her to do terrible things to terrible people to save lives, then Quake will not hesitate.

At this point the argument is interrupted by the X-Men, revealing that they survived the jet crash, and Beast admits that while he is angry, the fact that Quake's team has uncovered a torture lab run by a mad scientist will be his priority for the rest of the night, and that they should leave, now, and never come back. Quake's team does as their told, while the X-Men take Dark Beast into custody.

In the car, the sullen silence between Quake and Ms. Marvel is broken only by Inferno opining on the complicated lives and personal attractiveness of the X-Men. Quake admits that Dark Beast could only tell them that Leer had been taken by Hydra, and so the mission is at a dead end. Ms Marvel asks to be taken back to Jersey City, but before the group can plan their next move, they are ambushed - by a battalion of Hydra soldiers, backed up by four Avengers, and led by Mister Hyde - Quake's absentee father!

Solicit Synopsis


• The team’s quest to unite the Inhumans will bring them into the land of the only people who truly understand the dangers they face: The X-Men!

• But, uh, it does NOT go well...

• Quake’s leadership forces Ms. Marvel to make some tough choices about what she is willing to do to win this war.

• And all of this leads to a shocking showdown with [REDACTED]!!!

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