Quote1.png I didn't kill him, Mr. Stone. He slammed himself forward onto his sword. Quote2.png
-- Captain America (Roberta Mendez)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Roberta and her husband, Harry, awake to an assassin in their Nueva York bedroom. Roberta catches the samurai sword blade in her bare fist, disarming her assailant. She then interrogates him, and he reveals himself to be the Specialist, but before she can find out who hired him, he falls upon his sword, committing suicide. The next day at Alchemax Building, Miguel Stone tells Captain America that the Specialist worked for Stark-Fujikawa.

Meanwhile, Tania and Max are playing chess until Max becomes so upset over losing that he tosses the board. Miguel then enters and, after Max leaves the room, he tells Tania that a man suspected of killing his wife named Francis Novak was found deceased in 2099, his body half eaten. Miguel tells her she needs to either cease or get better at hiding her kills before the Public Eye catches on. Elsewhere, Hercules is training, and when he becomes too violent with his sparring partner, Sonny has to step in and stop him. Miguel then assembles the Avengers and tells them that the Specialist had a business card for a local gunrunner on his body.

The Avengers take an Alchemax Quinjet to a restaurant called Latverian Cuisine where the gunrunner, Martin Hargood, is in an argument with a man named John Eisenhart. Captain America tells John to put him down, but instead he transforms into the Hulk, smashing Hercules through the wall. Iron Man attempts to subdue him with an optical uni-beam, but that doesn't work. The fight soon spills into the streets, where Captain America is thrown into the air. Her descent is halted by a levitation spell from Strange as she introduces herself, Hulk, and the Silver Surfer as... the Defenders.

Solicit Synopsis

• Secret Wars continues as The Avengers of the Year 2099 come face to face with a tremendous beast who’s no stranger to the team!

• Who could it be? We’ll give you a hint – you won’t like him when he’s angry.


  • Captain America's operative number is 1941, the year of Captain America's first appearance.

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