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Quote1 You spend your entire life looking for that one perfect someone, and when you find her, you think you'll never love anything more... Then you have children, and realize what a fool you were to believe that. And now, I have lost everything. We have all lost everything. My entire life I believed in better days. I believed in tomorrow. I hid that belief in my heart--A stronghold against a world that devours hope. But now the walls have fallen. I have been overrun. And I hope... I believe... In nothing. Quote2
-- Reed Richards

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Synopsis for "The End Times"Edit

On one side of the Multiverse, Doctor Doom was confronting the Beyonders. They demanded to know who dared stand before them, and he presented himself.

Meanwhile, on Earth-1610, Nick Fury was making the final arrangements for the upcoming and final incursion, and soon after sent all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fleet towards Earth-616. The fleet arrived to the incursion point, the Manhattan of Earth-616 and started firing at it. Numerous heroes tried to fend off the attackers.

At the Baxter Building, Mister Fantastic was finishing getting ready the "lifeboat" to be used to save a small portion of humanity. The Iron Man from Earth-1610 deployed the Iron Man Six weapon, but the tide of the battle is turned in favor of the heroes of the Marvel Universe when the Guardians of the Galaxy and Cyclops' Sentinels arrived to help.

Other powerhouse heroes like Doc Green, She-Hulk, and Pod arrived to Earth-1610 and burst through the Triskelion, destroying it and killing Nick Fury and Hawkeye in the process. Once the Triskelion fell, the Maker deployed the Children of Tomorrow to attack.

After the vessel transporting the Earth's "resurrection team" was destroyed by the Children, Mr. Fantastic was forced to put the "lifeboat" in action. As the "lifeboat" is deployed, Manifold teleported numerous heroes into it, including Spider-Man, Cyclops, who had recently used a Phoenix Egg to become the Phoenix once more, and Thor.

As the lifeboat approached to the center point of the incursion, it suffered a hull breach, causing a portion containing Reed's family to drift away. The Invisible Woman tried to reconnect it to the rest of the structure, but failed, and it was destroyed. The rest of the lifeboat teleported away as the two universes collided and were destroyed.

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