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Quote1 We had to kill me. Lots and lots of me's. At first, it was a cost I was willing to pay...and we built a religion of Black Swans around that idea. With each me that was killed, I lost a bit of what made It's a cost I was willing to pay...but the madness wasn't worth it. We weren't going to prevent the early death of the Multiverse. The Beyonders had built me too we got tricky. And that's when Stephen joined us--right before the end. While the Swans were busy killing me' and I were busy building something else. A better bomb. A better me. We couldn't stop the Beyonders from destroying everything, but we could draw them out...destroy them...steal their power...and store it someplace safe. Where it could be used to preserve some of what had been lost. Quote2
Molecule Man to God Emperor Doom

Appearing in "Owen Reece Died For Our Sins"

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Synopsis for "Owen Reece Died For Our Sins"

The following day, a funeral was held for Stephen Strange in Doomstadt, with the cause of his death kept a secret by Doom himself. Once the dusk had fallen, Doom tasked Valeria to use the resources of the Foundation to find the interlopers who had been scattered across the world, denying to provide any more information than that. Once Valeria left, Doom opened a portal below a Molecule Man statue in his garden, walking down a set of stairs to meet the Molecule Man and informed him of Strange's death. The Molecule Man made remembrance of the day when he, Doom and Strange confronted the Beyonders. During Doom's mission to thwart the Beyonders' plan by killing Molecule Men across the Multiverse, they had realized that it was not going to work; the Beyonders had built the Molecule Men too well and killing them early was still causing the Multiverse to die. Changing the plan, they began to capture the Molecule Men, and when they confronted the Beyonders, Doom unleashed the countless Molecule Men he had gathered to kill them; the Molecule Man acted as a conduit to steal the Beyonders' power and give it to Doom. The Molecule Man finished his chat with Doom by informing him that with Strange's death, he had most likely started an unraveling that could take everyone down.

Back on Doomstadt, the Department of Science of the Foundation set out to find the interlopers. Thor had infiltrated the Thor Corps, Black Panther and Namor found themselves in Egyptia, Captain Marvel had been captured by the forces of Bar Sinister, Black Swan had appeared in Doomstadt, Thanos was teleported to the other side of the Shield, and both Star-Lord and Miles Morales had ended up in the Kingdom of Manhattan.

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