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Quote1 I am betrayed. Again. Quote2
God Emperor Doom

Appearing in "King of the Dead"

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Synopsis for "King of the Dead"

With his ragtag army of Doom-deniers ready for battle, the Prophet marches them up to the base of Doomgard and orders them to attack. The Prophet reveals himself as Maximus the Mad as his troops charge into battle against the forces of Doom's loyalist barons.

Within Doom's castle, Black Swan asks if Doom wishes her to join his army and repel the Prophet's rebels. Doom tells her to stay and watch the battle with him, as he sits in judgement of those who dare stand against him. Susan comforts him, urging him not to take it personally and assuring him this will end no different than the other times. Valeria interjects and says she's wrong, stating that she feels this is something more. Doom agrees, and orders her to summon his Thors.

On the battlefield, Maximus charges into the front lines, urging his followers to believe in him and embrace the end, as he is torn to shreds by Baron Pryor's goblin hordes. In Baron Sinister's camp, Captain Marvel comments that the army of the prophet is breaking, and they don't have much time. Sinister tells her to give him the order, which she does, prompting his clones to switch sides and turn on the Goblin Queen's army. Captain Marvel and Sinister take down Madelyne, who questions why Sinister would betray them now. Sinsiter scornfully replies that he did it because he can't stand her tacky outfit, before killing her. Sinister's celebration is cut short by the arrival of Apocalypse and his armies. Holocaust decapitates Sinister and brings him before Apocalypse, who revels in in the battle and comments that Sinister has once again lost his head. Sinister retorts that Apocalypse has lost all decorum, but comments that he is not the only one who is late, as the Thors have now arrived.

Within the Great Hall of the Thors, a brawl erupts. Thor of Earth-616 attempts to convince the others that Doom is no god and has in fact deceived them. The Thors are divided on whether to believe her or not, but those who do outnumber those who remain faithful to Doom. A few remain to contain Doom's loyalists while the rest travel to the field of battle. Doom's family watches on in disbelief as the Thors attack the barons defending the castle, and Doom comments that he has been betrayed again.

The decapitated head of Sinister begs Apocalypse for mercy, who responds that if Apocalypse must bow before Doom then there will be no quarter given to traitors such as him and the Thors. He tells Sinister his condition can not possibly get worse, only for the Maestro to arrive, prompting Sinister to comment that he believes it can. The Maestro glides above the battlefield on a rusty Helicarrier and deploys his Worldbreakers, an army of Hulks.

Within their secret base, the two Reeds prepare for the next facet of their plan. While the Prophet's army and the other rebels distract Doom, they together with Starlord will slip past them and reach the Molecule Man. Commenting that Maximus' mob won't be enough of a distraction for long, the Maker instructs Mister Fantastic to unleash his secret plans. Reed contacts Black Panther and gives him the signal. Panther blows up a section of the Shield separating the denizens of the Deadlands from the rest of Battleworld. Panther tells them to travel through the Siege Courageous and be granted a second chance at life, in return for striking down Doom. The zombies are initially reticent, but after Namor impales one of them, they answer the call, shouting "glory and honor".

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