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Seed Nineteen was one of many Seed units bred by Halcyon for resisting and defending against the dark forces of the Acheron Empire rule by Thanos. When Halcyon's most powerful Seed warrior Tesseract, the "Everywhere Man", was kidnapped by Thanos and brainwashed into serving the death lord's whim, Seed Nineteen, by their own accord, rescued Tesseract and narrowly escaped to the lower and uncharted dimensions, and found themselves in Earth's New York City by teleporting into a cosmetics store.

At first the team mistook Earth for a hostile world like those of their home dimension and came into conflict with the Fantastic Four. Eventually the misunderstanding was cleared up and the unit later teamed up with the Fantastic Four in rescuing Tesseract from Gallowglass who was able to track Seed Nineteen due to a brainwashed Tesseract. Both Seed Nineteen and the Four followed Gallowglass to the firedrake, Redeemer, and were close to defeat by Gallowglass and his forces. However, Susan Storm with the help of Dreamcatcher overcome Gallowglass, causing his apparent death and the destruction of the Redeemer. Fortunately both Seed Nineteen and the Four survived the devastation, and found themselves separated in Ironwater City on the Acheron-held world of Pyx. Both groups made their way back to Earth and confronted Ronan the Accuser, in which Reed Richards coordinated the teams in defeating the accuser. With the defeat of Ronan and Tesseract recovered from his brainwash, Seed Nineteen bid farewell to the Fantastic Four as they return to their dimension to continue their fight in liberating Pyx from the Acheron Empire with the help of the other Seed units.



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