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The Seeker was an android created by Doctor Doom; only one Seeker was created.[1] When the Fantastic Four escaped Doctor Doom's clutches with the help of their unlikely ally Darkoth before Doom could launch his Vibro-Bomb into orbit an enslave the Earth, the Seeker was dispatched to re-capture them. Although the Seeker knocked down Mr. Fantastic, it was then defeated by the combined effort of the Thing, Medusa and Darkoth.[2]

Later when the Fantastic Four attacked Doom's hideout, Darkoth disguised himself by wearing the Seeker's hull as a disguise. When he attacked Doctor Doom, the Latverian monarch blasted the Seeker armor off of him.[2]

Although the Seeker was resolute, it was quickly defeated by the Thing,[3] and Doom left it abandoned in his base.[1] The Seeker robot has yet to be repaired or seen again.



  • Robot: Due to its nature, the seeker is protected by the sheer strength of its hull. It cannot be affected by emotional or mental attacks, nor by illusions. However, he is susceptible to attacks affecting machinery.[1]
  • Body Armor: The Seeker's skin gives it some protection against damage.[1] It also allows the security systems in Doom's lair to recognize it as an ally.[2]
  • Nuclear Push: Each of its arms can discharge nuclear energy to stun or kill its enemies. However, they can only by used on a melée, because of their lack of range.[1] Those were enough to stun Mr. Fantastic.[2]
  • Vibro-Sensor: The electronic eye on its forehead allows the Seeker to track brain waves, vibrations and other resonances of a given target,[1] having been programmed for Darkoth.[2] The Seeker can thus track even invisible people at a relatively short range.[1]



Only internal weapons.


The Seeker had a distinctive voice. In the comic-book, instead of separating words with a space, it used two hyphens ("I--am--called--the--Seeker").

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