The Seeker was resurrected by Adam in a Nicaraguan temple to chose the next Ghost Rider. Alejandra, an 18-year-old girl, was chosen among Adam's many students and went to battle Skadi, who was laying waste to Dayton, Ohio. After her return, Adam ordered her to remove the sin from the rest of his students. Both Alejandra and the Seeker were against this, but Adam enslaved her and manipulated her powers.

Johnny Blaze, the former Ghost Rider, traveled to Nicaragua to stop Adam. Despite working with the Seeker, they were unable to stop Adam from turning Alejandra into a bomb that erased the sin from everyone in Nicaragua, turning them into mindless, emotionless beings.

Adam brought Alejandra to a space station equipped with a camera lens that would be able to magnify her powers across the entire Earth, eradicating sin from humanity. Johnny made an agreement with Mephisto in exchange for a bike that would bring him and the Seeker to space. But Johnny realized that the Seeker would use her as a weapon and ejected him from the bike, sending him back to Earth.

Later on, Alejandra, hoping to give sin back to the Nicaraguans, went to the Seeker for help. The Seeker told her that Johnny Blaze was in contact with Mephisto and may be able to bring her to him. She tracked him down again and decapitated him, demanding he give her more power so that she can take on Mephisto. He reminds her that Adam is the one made her powerful in the first place and is not seen again.


The Seeker is able to decrease the Ghost Rider's power but is unable to increase it further. Also, the Seeker can protect someone from the Ghost Rider's powers simply by touching them.[1]

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