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Sun Girl (Selah Burke)[src]


Selah Burke was infected with the Carrion virus after coming into contact with William Allen. She suffered from the virus until she met Spider-Man. After a brief battle with him, Spider-Man healed her of the virus.[1]

After her encounter with Spider-Man she decided to become a hero as Sun Girl and went after the Wrecking Crew, who were robbing a major company but she lost due to her inexperience. Right when the battle was going to be over, Spider-Man and his new team interrupted. Now with the advantage they fought until the Wrecking Crew fled and Sun Girl was unconscious. When she woke up she finds herself in Spider-Man's lair and he begins questioning her identity and origin.[2]

After she worked with Spider-Man and his Superior Six, they found the villain Lightmaster. He planned to use a device to create giant spheres of chaos using his light based powers. He teamed with the Masters of Evil to cause a distraction for Spider-Man and his friends. During the fight, Selah realized she got her suit which is the source of her powers from her dad, Lightmaster. Selah was now torn between siding with Spider-Man, her idol, and her dad. In the end she chose Spider-Man and dealt the finishing blow to Lightmaster's plan. She used her light based powers to destroy his device and by doing so created much chaos. The chaos was short lived, but had huge impacts. Not only was Selah rendered unconscious, but Spider-Man lost control of his team and they retaliated on him for his unethical use of mind control to get what he wants.[3] When she awoke she became aware of what happened and went off to Spider-Man to help maintain the situation, however, she had a whole new perspective on his personality. They were eventually able to stop them, all thanks to Selah.[4]



Selah speaks French.[5]



Sun Girl suit which is gives her the ability to fly and firing light blasts. This suit was modified by Spider-Man.


Dual-wield pistols capable of firing concussive blasts.


In her suit she has a harness enabling her to fly.

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