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Quote1.png I was made to be better than you. It was my purpose. Now becuase of you, I have only days to live. Perhaps only hours. Before I die, I must know whether I was truly the pure one. Quote2.png



Selim was created as one of multiple clones of Miles Morales, whom the Assessor had captured and experimented on, along with his brothers Shift and Mindspinner. As he was rapidly aging, Selim was being taught the best way to cut a man open, already appearing to be twelve years old after a week, so Selim planned an escape for him and his brothers. When they were old enough, all three clones escaped and tried to find a way to stay alive as they were not going to last due to being unstable clones. Selim and his brothers kidnapped a scientist and robbed a warehouse in order to make a cure. Selim later killed the scientist and left his body in the east river.[3]

Encountering Miles

Selim later rescued his brother Shift when he fought the original Miles Morales and Peter Parker who were trying to investigate who was committing crimes in the name of Spider-Man, Selim warned Miles telling him not to follow them. When Miles ignored that warning, Selim and his brothers beat Miles until they were attacked by Spider-Man, though they managed to escape after leaving the two Spiders unconscious.[1]

After learning that the original Miles found their secret refuge and broke the cure they were making to stabilize themselves (as he wrongly believed it to be a formula to make more clones), Selim and his brothers brutally beat Miles and webbed him up. Realizing his mistake, Miles tried to tell the brothers he could help but both Selim and Mindspinner didn't believe him, with Selim telling Miles the they would go kill his mother Rio, leaving Shift to guard Spider-Man. While Mindspinner distracted Miles with an attack on his mother, Selim impersonated Miles and went to find his baby sister, Billie.[2]

Killed on the Bridge

Selim beat up Miles' dad and took Billie to the Brooklyn Bridge, he later sent Miles a text message that said to meet him on the bridge. Once the two met on the bridge Selim told Miles that he intended to prove that he's better than him, that he would win in a fight against him because that's what he was created for, and he challenged Miles to fight to the death so they could settle who was better. The two fought and while Miles got the upper hand Selim was rescued by Mindspinner, who saved him and allowed him to take Billie Morales. Selim then tried to drop her off the bridge.

Billie was then taken out of Selim's hands by Shift, who had a change of heart and was now helping Miles; because of this, Selim attacked Shift for his betrayal, but was stopped by Mindspinner who didn't want him to hurt his brother. Angered, Selim deemed the two of them as traitors and killed himself along with Mindspinner by releasing a huge Venom Blast.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Venom Blast: Selim gained from Miles the power to send a bio-electric shock to his enemies. After the initial spark, moments later the enemy is electrocuted.[4]


Multilingualism: Selim could speak English, Arabic, Cantonese, German, and Spanish (allegedly better than Miles).[1]

Master Combatant: Selim was trained since he was first created to be an expert combatant, learning to kill a man in the most effective way possible.[1][4]



Knives: Selim had a pair of knives that he used in combat.[3][4]

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