Semele was the daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes[1] and Harmonia.[4]

At some point, she had a relationship with Zeus, who impregnated her and sworn to grant her her every wish.[1] Tricked by Zeus' jealous wife Hera, she asked Zeus to reveal himself to her in all his glory and perished, "as any mortal would, in the divine blaze",[4] on top of Mount Pramnos, Doliche (modern-day Icaria, Greece). Her son Dionysus was born there, rescued by Hermes at the behest of Zeus. He was delivered to the Hyades who raised him on Mount Nysa and gave him the food of the gods and was eventually reunited with his father atop Mount Olympus.[1]


Upon learning his mother's fate, Dionysus traveled to Hades, freed her and brought her to Olympus where she was apotheosized as the goddess Thyone.[1]

Modern days

Apparently back to being a captive in Hades, Semele was summoned by Pluto during the trial of Zeus, Pluto using the tale of her death as an argument on his side to prove the callousness of his brother. Semele was then taken away by Hades' guards.[4]

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