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Sen-Yu had been healed by the Ancient One in the past and unsuccessfully tried to become his disciple. Sen-Yu was in charge of managing part of the Ancient One's sizeable monetary assets.[1]

Some years later, Baron Mordo used power from Dormammu to attack the Ancient One and his disciple Doctor Strange. Leaving the Ancient One in a safe place with Hamir the Hermit, Strange left and sought out Sen-Yu for help. Sen-Yu gladly provided Strange with clothes, money, and a passport;[1] soon after, he met Strange in the street and discreetly gave him a plane ticket.[2]

Years later, Sen-Yu, Wai Chee Yee and several other wizards were invited to the Temple of the Three for the Sorcerer Supreme contest. Both were defeated but saved when Doctor Strange solved the test.[3]



Some skill in magic



Glasses.[1] a hat when he is outside.[2]


Strange is shown talking to someone with glasses and hair when asking about Sen-Yu and Wai Chee Yee. Unless Sen-Yu changed his hair, it would presumably have been Yee.[3]

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